Medical study on 3D model and surgery planning

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The project was an investigation required for a hip implant on a fractured pelvis that previously went through surgery. However the CT scan revealed some holes as well as a screw in close proximity to the right hip socket that gave the surgeon cause of concern.

Thus we received the CT scan and modelled it as a 1:1 scale pelvis including all metal rods and screws.

After confirming the model with the surgeon, the pelvis was printed from a semi transparent material with metal rods and screws printed bright red. This allowed surgeon to clearly see the screw paths and trajectories through the pelvis.

The surgeon used this model to carry out his pre-op planning and investigations. This allowed him to actually try out various implant mounting options before carrying out the actual procedure. It turns out the holes highlighted by the 3d model were indeed present and surgeon was well prepared to intervene accordingly.