Aid in planning correction operation for complex surgeries

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The surgeon sent us a CT scan for one of his patients.  The patient’s left foot was crushed in an accident and the surgeon needed to measure the exact angles necessary for the reconstructive surgery.

We processed the Initial 3D model and sent it back to the surgeon for confirmation to ensure our interpretation of the CT scan was accurate. Then we proceeded to model the final segregated 3D model.

And finally the actual 3D print of the 1:1 scale of patient’s limbs.

The surgeon used it to define the bone angles of the crushed foot compared to the healthy one. Furthermore, the surgeon used the models to place the corrective metal rod on the 3D model before and simulate the actual surgery.

The surgeon sent us an X-Ray scan with the metal rod on the patient foot after the surgery was a success for additional information.

The 3D model helped the surgeon to accurately calculate the bone angles which would have been difficult to determine by analysing the CT scan alone. The 3D model lead to less surgery time, granted the opportunity to  practice before the surgery, which gave more information and allowed for the  better planning leading  to a more  focused surgery.  Because of the success of this surgery due to the 3D model he contacted us for more projects.