Medical Study Prints

Medical study on 3D models and surgery planning

3D modelling based on CT scan with pelvis model isolation, printed 1:1 scale
Model helped surgeon to better visualise the risks of each intended operating steps

Other pre-op CT scan transformed to Full Scale pelvis 3D model

Models can be used for investigations and pre-planning operating procedures and decrease the chances of failed surgery/procedure. Surgeons can better assess and determine issues that are not directly obvious from conventional X-Ray or CT scan.

We process the CT scans and transform them into 3d Models. CT scans usually produce 1-2mm slices, while FDM 3D printers can print layers down to 50 microns resolution. 3D models are an unevaluated tool that offers a visual and accurate tool to the “real thing”.

Case Studies

Our work in the medical field